Practice Areas

General Business Law

Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne, LLP provides a full range of general business representation to both private and public companies. We have excellent relationships with accountants, financial service companies, banks, and other asset-based lenders. Our services include negotiation and completion of mergers and acquisitions, preparation of shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, limited partnership and limited liability partnership agreements, limited liability company operating agreements, and employment and non-competition agreements.

Health Care

The firm provides a full range of services to hospitals, adult homes, long-term care facilities, and professional providers of health care. We provide general and specialized representation to health insurers, health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, self-insured groups, and other modalities that provide third-party health benefits. We provide advice on issues concerning the formation of corporations, partnerships, and health care joint ventures, as well as the establishment of new health care facilities including ambulatory surgical centers, physicians' offices, nursing homes, diagnostic and treatment centers, mental health facilities, and alcohol and substance abuse facilities.

Our services include representation before and consultation with regulatory agencies including the New York State Departments of Health and Financial Services and the New York State Offices of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities and Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Our relationships with these agencies have allowed us to facilitate joint ventures which involve more than one agency.

Insurance Law

The combined talent and experience of our attorneys bring to bear legal expertise in virtually all aspects of the insurance business. FWC is in the unique position of being able to offer a truly comprehensive approach to insurance issues.

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of corporate, regulatory, underwriting, and agency concerns. On the corporate level, we have provided counsel on matters in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, reinsurance treaties, reserving, claims management, and general contract negotiations.

Our experience also includes dealing with all matters of regulatory issues from simple licensing matters, to such complex issues as administrative hearings, application of the Holding Company Act, rehabilitation, conservatorship, and liquidation. We have successfully dealt with regulators on all these issues in numerous states and stand ready to address your needs.

In the area of underwriting, our attorneys have answered thousands of coverage issues and defended hundreds of coverage claims. In addition, we offer legal opinions about policy language prior to its adoption and, where appropriate, can request prior New York State Department of Financial Services approval.

Procurement Issues

Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne, LLP’s (“FWC”) long history and proven track record from the courtroom to the hallways of the State Capitol has uniquely positioned the firm to provide a wide range of procurement services to clients that have potential business before the State of New York. Together, the experienced attorneys and professional staff at FWC have spent decades representing various Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, start-ups, and established mid-sized enterprises on all aspects of procurement services at the Federal, State and local government levels.

The FWC procurement team regularly provides legal services in connection with the solicitation process throughout the lifecycle of materials submission in connection with Request for Information (“RFI”), Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”), and Requests for Proposals (“RFP”). Our representation also extends to post-award negotiations, contract implementation, and when necessary, administrative challenges. The strict time constraints associated with administrative challenges and bid protests mandates quick action and dedicated attention. As a full service law firm, FWC is able to stand by each clients’ side every step of the way.

Our professionals have also developed a unique position in New York as the firm that other law and lobbying firms go to in matters of conflict or general procurement assistance. If you are a firm with a client who either wants to challenge a procurement award or defend a successful award from attack and you are, for whatever reason, unwilling to undertake the legal effort necessary to challenge or defend such a matter we are available to provide assistance. We are always respectful of a referring firm’s primary relationship with the client and our long history of successful collaboration speaks for itself.

If you are in need of an experienced team to assist in your procurement service needs, contact Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne, LLP for a consultation.

Regulatory Assistance

New York State regulates every business in some capacity. In most cases, the regulation of a given business in New York will be significantly more comprehensive than in any other state.

FWC provides extensive services to aid businesses in complying with all forms of regulation. Our services include the monitoring of proposed rules and regulations, representation in administrative proceedings, assistance in securing licenses, and other forms of regulatory approvals and opinions on compliance with state regulatory requirements. FWC has successfully represented clients in the organization and licensing of insurance companies, HMOs, mental hygiene facilities, and health care corporations. We have successfully represented clients in license revocation or disciplinary proceedings before various executive agencies. We represent clients in certificate of need proceedings and in connection with examinations and complaints of all types.

Our firm monitors the actions of state departments proposing regulations, and we inform our clients of those having an impact on their businesses. We assist our clients in commenting on the proposed regulations and, if necessary, will challenge such in federal or state courts. FWC will assist clients in urging a state department to adopt regulations by preparing proposed mandates and supporting materials. We will arrange meetings with the appropriate state regulators to promote the proposed regulations.