The Week That Was

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MY GOODNESS! Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Albany’s latest star trial witness, Todd Howe, they just did. After being grilled on the hot seat all week in a Manhattan federal courtroom, news broke mid-morning that Mr. Howe was arrested Thursday night This was just hours after the government's star witness in the trial of Joe Percoco and three business executives, admitted under cross-examination that he had tried to bilk his credit card company out of the cost of a night's stay at the Waldorf Hotel. Let me repeat… “a night’s stay.” The total charge was $602.50. The alleged crime came several weeks after Howe, who pleaded guilty in September 2016 to eight felonies, signed a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors that required him to commit no additional crimes. Talk about a curve ball! The arrest of Howe likely signals that prosecutors will nullify his cooperation agreement, a move that could cast doubt on his four days of testimony and jeopardize the government’s case against the Cuomo aide. Does anyone remember on Monday, Todd’s first day on the stand, when he said “Look, I certainly don’t want to go to jail…” Well, that certainly didn’t work out well. Todd ended the week in jail and probably will be there for a long time.

In other news... The impact of SALT on the Empire State has elevated the budget process pressure in Albany and a shocking number of overdressed attorneys braved the snow to help kick off the February term of the Court of Appeals.

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BREAKING NEWS - Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb has withdrew his name from the race for Governor.