The Week That Was

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The first week back after the April legislative break was a busy one with all eyes on next week’s special elections. The fate of the New York State Legislature is in play as the race for the 37th Senate District seat heats up with Democrat Shelley Mayer going toe-to-toe with Republican Julie Killian. There’s big money at play with both candidates and outside groups throwing down their chips on what will surely be a winner-takes-all hand.

The Governor’s Lieutenant was being urged to throw her hat into the ring this past week for a second stab at New York’s 27th Congressional District seat. Although it appears as though that hat will stay on her head, feathers were ruffled and candidate Nate McMurray, who had already secured an endorsement from the Democratic county leaders, needed no encouragement to speak his mind.

In case the election drama didn’t have you excited enough, Albany had some additional drama as quite a sizeable group of parolees are now able to join in the election fun!

And without further ado, I present you with another edition of “The Week That Was.”